Frequently Asked Questions

We have curated a list of the most common questions that people have asked about Digital Twins. If you don't find what you are looking for, get in touch with us here.
1What web technologies can the DT work with?
All Digital Twins are embedded into your existing e-commerce website using an iframe. Therefore, DTs are fully compatible with any web platform or CMS that will allow you to author basic HTML.
2Will it cost a fortune to have my goods transported to Milan?
No. You don’t have to. Check for our drop off points in your country. You only have to manage the domestic transport within your country.
3How long does it take to make digital twins?
Currently about 1 month. It’s first come, first served and we’ll always be in touch with you to keep you updated with our progress.
4My items are very sentimental, can I have them back?
Of course. If you have sentimental or very expensive items to be digitized we will be more than happy to get them back to you using a recognised transporter. You’ll see everything on the order form. Just tick the box and proceed.
5I change my branding very often to keep up with the market. Can I create an account with you?
Every company that wants digital twins is automatically given a dedicated account manager.
6Are there any other use cases for digital twins?
Yes, when the world is ready for the metaverse, you’ll already be ready for the metaverse.Simply add your digital twins to your virtual store.